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The information and links shared in LingoBalance are believed to be reliable. However, this information is not intended to replace medical advice, speech and language therapy, or advice by other medical professionals.

If you have any concerns about your child’s general or speech-language development, always contact your child’s pediatrician and/or speech and language therapist. In case of a concern, have your child’s hearing and other developmental conditions checked. If your child is currently receiving therapy, follow your child’s treatment plan and the recommendation of the professionals.

With all the tips and techniques shared in this blog, it is assumed that your child does not have any other developmental or genetic conditions such as autism spectrum disorder, cerebral palsy, hearing loss, intellectual disabilities, and ADHD, and down syndrome. If your child has any of these conditions above, follow the recommendations from your child’s intervention team.

All activities presented in this blog require close supervision of the child by an adult. An adult’s judgment is required to use all the materials and activities shared. LingoBalance assumes no liability for accident or injury resulting from the activities described in blog posts, videos, free products, and paid products. 

Please do not copy the information shared in LingoBalance website and products directly as your own. Information found here can be shared with credit given back to LingoBalance and the web address lingobalance.com

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