Fun games that make your toddler talk

How to play with your child to encourage language development while having fun!
Children learn and develop their language skills through play and joyful activities.

How to improve language skills through play and fun?

Children can spend most of their day playing. This is good news because they learn a lot of social skills through play. ”How to improve language through play?” is one of my favourite questions when it comes to coaching parents. 
Some parents admit that they don’t know how to play with their child. They even think that they don’t like to play. Some parents often find themselves stuck doing nothing during playtime or doing the things that will not help their children’s language skills at all.
Did you know that, as a parent, you can boost your baby’s language skills much more if you use some fun methods?
Language development through play is something that speech and language therapists work on all the time. As parents, you can also teach your child amazing skills during playtime. The best part of it is that routines like games will allow your child to learn new things with ease, fun, joy, and laughter.
Tip 1: If you don’t know how to play with your child, start with imitating your child’s actions.
Tip 2: Don’t be bored doing the same things over and over again with your child. Repetition and predictable routines play a huge role in children’s language development.
See below for more tips and tricks! And don’t forget to download ”Toddler Language Booster” to learn more about all the methods mentioned in this free booklet.

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