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Every thing you need to know about bilingualism and language development before diving into the details
Learn about bilingualism and language development.

Learn about bilingualism and language development

Why do you need to learn everything you can about bilingualism? One of the core values of LingoBalance is ”Knowledge makes parents confident.”

If you are raising a bilingual child, you will encounter many different terms about bilingual language development.

You will also likely have questions, doubts, and worries about raising a bilingual child and how your child’s languages will improve over time.

To start supporting your child’s journey, the first thing you want to do is to learn as much as you can. Learn about bilingualism, how bilingual children learn their languages, and how you can support your bilingual child.

What about language delay and developmental language disorder? How does bilingualism affect language development and does it cause language delay?

My goal is to bring you what research says and in the most understandable way.


What is in this FREE GUIDE?

1.  Some of the important bilingualism terms

2. How bilingual children learn their languages.

3. How you can support your bilingual child’s language development

4. Bilingualism and language disorder & delay

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Language development through play. How to play with a child to improve language
What is a language plan? What language should I speak to my child?
support and improve your toddler's language skills every day with this free guide by LingoBalance. Tips from a speech therapist.

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I am here to give you the tools you need to:

⊛ learn all about bilingualism and language development,

⊛ improve your child’s language skills through play and everyday activities,

⊛ give your child the lifelong gift of communication,

⊛ be the real hero of your child!

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