Meet Buket. The creator of LingoBalance

Say it like ‘Phuket’ Islands but with ‘B’ instead. Buket means a bunch of flowers in many languages, ‘Bouquet’ in English, a very international name, right?) My name is Buket Öztekin and I am the person behind LingoBalance. I am so happy to meet you here!

I am a speech and language therapist, Ph.D. in linguistics, and a professional circus artist. Yes, you heard me right. I have juggled so many things at the same time successfully and this skill gave me so much value in life.

One common theme in my life was working with children. Some kids learned how to communicate and some others learned how to play and dance from me.

I have been investigating bilingual children’s language development over the last six years.

Some children were bilinguals but …

Witnessing that so many children were not able to juggle their languages made me sad. They were missing so many beautiful opportunities they were missing.
I have met so many frustrated children because they were not able to communicate their needs. Their parents were frustrated too because they were not sure what else to do to support their child and it was hard for them to speak the same language.
They could not exchange emotions and jokes in the family language. Some children had difficulties at school because they didn’t have the language foundation they needed to have.
I realized that the parents of bilingual children needed to know more.
I know that you are the heroes of your children and you do anything for their happiness and success. But, I don’t expect you to know everything about bilingualism, language development, and what your child needs from you all the time.
But knowledge was not enough! Above all, these parents needed to understand how they could use research-based knowledge in their everyday lives. And how to speak their children’s language.

Do you know what language children speak? PLAY and FUN language (yes, sometimes screaming and whining too). With all the giggles, tickles, and peekaboos, children learn the skills they need to build a language foundation. If you know how to make use of all these simple routines, your child will learn a lot from you!

Children learn through PLAY

After all the thinking and experience, I got curious. What if all these parents knew what to do already from the beginning? What if they learned all the necessary information to help their children and used this knowledge from early on

And this is how LingoBalance was born.

My goal is to inform parents about language development and to show them how they can use play, simple games, and everyday activities to help their children’s communication and language skills grow.

No expensive toys, no boring stuff, no getting frustrated!

I am not here to show you WHAT more to do, I am here to show you HOW to do less. 

Let’s talk about your child or ask me a question!

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My full name is Buket Oztekin.

  • I was born in 1986, in a beautiful town called Eskişehir, in Turkey.
  • I studied psychology at Boğaziçi (Bosphorus) University, one of the most prestigious universities in Turkey and it’s the most beautiful place ever.
  • After university, I worked with children with special needs, I learned a lot.
  • I decided to apply for a master’s degree in speech and language therapy. 
  • I had a great three years learning all aspects of speech and language therapy and working with children and adults.
  • I found an amazing Ph.D. opportunity at Uppsala University in Sweden and did not think for a second to apply. I got the position and moved to Sweden in 2014.
  • I worked with bilingual children and their language development during my Ph.D. project. In the end, I wrote a huge book called a thesis and graduated as Dr. Buket Oztekin.
  • Since then, I have been continuing my research at Uppsala University with bilingual children while constantly educating myself in supporting these children and coaching their families.
  • I am also coaching Turkish-speaking parents through my Turkish website  BICIR BICIR.

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