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Hello, busy parent!

Are you curious about how you can influence your child’s multilingualism journey? Are you struggling with all the things you need to know and do to support your child’s language development? Or are you simply curious about how you can help your child better so that your child thrives? 

I know that you, as a parent, already have a lot to do. You may even feel like you are not doing enough because you think that supporting your child means doing more, talking more, and reading more.

Buket Oztekin LingoBalance

I don’t want to show you what to do more, I want to show you how to do less.

I am here to teach you how to improve your child’s language skills naturally, with ease and fun.

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Learn all about raising a bilingual child


Learn the fundamentals of bilingualism and raising a bilingual child. 

– Important bilingualism terms you need to know

-Bilingual language development

-How to support your bilingual child

-Bilingualism and language delay

Is my child's language development on track?


Learn what is expected from your child from 0-6 years and what you can do to help your child at each age. 

Bonus 1: Warning signs of language development and what to do if you are worried.

Bonus 2: VOCABULARY TRACKER to keep track of your toddler’s vocabulary development in as many languages as you want!

Boost your toddler's language skills easily with naturel methods with this Toddler Language Booster


Help your toddler’s language learning with these super easy methods that you can use every day during any activity you do together.

Through this guide, you will learn how to turn any activity into a learning opportunity for your child using fun and useful speech therapy techniques. 

*Age: 0-3

Find your family strategy and plan


The most confusing and challenging thing for multilingual families can be finding out what language(s) to speak, when, and how often. There is no set formula for this because your situation, expectations, and family are unique.

I designed this 5-STEP GUIDE for you to see what you need and what works best for your family.

Fun games that make your toddler talk


How to turn super easy and fun games into amazing language learning opportunities for your toddler? LEARN HERE!

Combine it with the Toddler Language Booster for the full benefit.

*Age: 0 -3 


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Meet your mentor

I am Buket. I am a speech and language therapist and a Ph.D. linguist. I have been working with bilingual children and investigating their language development over the last 6 years.

I have worked with children all my work life.

One of the reasons why I love working with children is that it forces me to be creative and playful. 

I am an expat too and I coach parents and help them make their children’s multilingualism language journey better and easier.

Here in LingoBalance, I will be sharing my knowledge and experience with you to help you give your child the lifelong gift of communication.  

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