Is my child's language development on track?

Learn about the communication milestones from age 0 to 6 and what you can do to support your child's language development at each age
Knowledge makes parents confident

Is my child’s language development on track? It can be hard to know for many parents. Especially for parents of bilingual children.

You may be comparing your child with others and wondering whether your child’s language development is normal or you should be worried.

Children walk a long way until they start using language effectively and clearly for communication. One step leads to the other and that’s how children turn into adult-like communicators from crying babies.
All the resources you will find here will inform you about early language development.
When researching the internet for early language milestones, try to remember that:
  • Many of the numbers you will find are averages. Children from different language backgrounds can learn languages differently

  • If your child does not have a certain skill at a certain age, it does not mean that your child has a language disorder. But if your child is developing much slower than the age range, it is always good to investigate further. Early intervention it is!
  • Bilingual children may know fewer words than monolinguals in their languages. But their TOTAL VOCABULARY SIZE (in two or more languages) is usually like monolingual children’s vocabulary size. Also, bilingual children may know different kind of words in different languages. For instance, they may know home-related words in the home language and school-related words in the majority language.


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